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About SeoHipster

How much do you charge for a website?

Our full web service usually range between 400 euro to 4000 euro. It really depends on what kind of website you need and the number of hours required.

Why this price?

We are a fully remote team, so the price doesn’t include office rent, coffee and bean bags. Yet we take each project seriously and do our research and planning before hand. To offer a complete product (in terms of web design, color palette, fonts, ui, ux, development, loading speed, perfect seo structure, targeting and everything done personalized for your business), takes a lot of time and resources for us.

Who hosts the website?

We have our own hosting server so you don’t have to externalize this service.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Making a website mobile friendly is actually one of out key abilities. If you want to take the mobile experience to the next level, we can actually direct the mobile traffic to

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We are a web agency based in Romania. Our plan is helping businesses reach their full potential online.